5 Star Resorts Make Vacations Great for All

It can be hard to find 5 star hotel deals at the last minute when booking a trip for your family, but if you plan in advance there are incredible buys to be had if you get lucky. Personally I am not the type to get lucky in a search for steals on anything, let alone great accomodations. I have always been one to make my own luck – and as it turns out it is not that difficult to get your hands dirty in the travel industry and start making your own bargains.

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Why I Look for 5 Star Accomodations

Anyone who has ever stayed in luxury accomodations knows the answer to this question, however I still need to explain it for the rest of you out there. Staying in a 5 star resort is unrivaled – and doing so spoils you. From the time you check in to your suite (notice I didn’t say room) you quickly become accustomed to living well and enjoying yourself. It isn’t long before you realize that this is how you should be living all the time, not just when you are on vacation. The problem with living the high life (as I call it) is that doing so comes with a high price tag. As I was growing up I lived on limited means, so if I wanted to travel at all I had to either buddy up with someone or stay in the *ahem* less than optimal discount motels. Believe me when I say no one longs to return to a cheap motel room again and again.

I had stayed with a friend in his luxury condo one time and had toured another a few years ago. I knew then that there was a different – and much better way – to vacation. What I didn’t know was that there was a trick to getting the best suites at cheap prices – and no that did not mean sitting on one of those price shopper travel sites all day. No one has the time to do that but I wanted to travel and I wanted to be treated the way the glitzy people are treated. I wanted a place where I could proudly bring guests to so they could enjoy the high life on vacation the way I did. Problem was that finding 5 star hotel deals was not just a matter of sitting on the computer all day. Funny thing is there are lots of people like me – who have a few dollars to use for a vacation but want to get more out of it.

Learning Where the Discount Travel Offers Are

As it happened those several years ago it turns out that one of the ladies on a luxury suite tour let out the industry secret. All those great bargains you see online offering 5 star hotel deals? They’re being put out there by ordinary people like you and me. I had to ask the question: how was it possible that ordinary people like me had luxury suites to offer to other vacationers? Now I could tell you the answer in a few words, but you would probably shake your head in disbelief.

Let me instead make a deal with you: give yourself a getaway vacation in a luxury suite – at a price you would pay for a 1 star accomodation. That’s our premise here: get a luxury suite for a nominal price. Let our team show you what the high life is like: we’re betting you won’t ever want to live any other way.

 modified 10 September, 2014

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